Conference workshop

Friday 6 October at 7.00 pm Stage stress management

"Stage stress management

Have you ever been prepared at 100% for your performance but then something went wrong on stage...?

There are many clues as to how we can control stress on stage (or in everyday life too).

Stage stress management is a very important subject for artists. 

At the workshop on 10 June, Oksana Sidyagina, a teacher at the Rachmaninoff Conservatoire and winner of several international harp competitions, will share with you her observations on the most common reasons for stage stress and effective methods for overcoming it, as well as the story of her personal experience from stress to absolute pleasure on stage.

Caroline Berthonnet, method specialist Feldenkrais, which teaches you to rediscover a natural way of functioning through awareness of yourself in movement, in order to optimise your potential, will be presenting this technique, which helps you to manage stress and simply feel better in your everyday life. 

Price €15

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