Training programme

With or without qualifications, for amateurs or professionals

Academic cycles

The academic degree programme

A complete training course including :

Students are assessed every year as part of public hearings organised in the middle of the year (3-4 February 2024), and examinations before a professional jury from outside the Conservatoire at the end of the year (22-23 June 2024) to validate progression to the next cycle.

The academic cycles are identical to the training cycles at accredited national conservatoires.

Out of cycle

Non-graduate training outside the academic cycle

It consists of individual lessons (instruments, singing) or group lessons (choir, dance, etc.). Off-cycle students are invited to perform at class concerts organised by their teachers twice a year. 

class concerts will be organised 

Sunday 17 December 2023 and Sunday 30 June 2024 from 2.30pm

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Chamber music

Chamber music or choir, depending on the level of the student's cycle, are included in the academic degree programme. For students outside the academic cycle, an additional registration fee will be charged. In 2024, chamber music classes will be held on Saturdays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and will be conducted by Pierre Boutillier.

Festival d'ensembleS

To encourage musicians to play together from an early age, the Conservatoire is creating an in-house ensemble music festival. Teachers are invited to get their students in their class to work and play together (guitar, piano, balalaika, violin, cello, etc.) during the year in order to present a work during this festival, which will be held on Sunday 26 May. A prize will be awarded to the best ensemble.


In 2023, the year of the Conservatoire's centenary, the festivities for which have been placed under the patronage of Mr Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic, professional artists, students, teachers, grand masters and members of the Artistic Committee are getting involved to make the rich and sensitive repertoire of the great Russian-speaking and Russian-loving composers resound in various venues around the capital. Buoyed by the success of our off-site concerts in 2023, we will be repeating these experiences in 2024, during the European Night of the Museums and the Rendez-vous in the Gardens, as well as at the Orangerie du Jardin de Bagatelles and at academies abroad.
future musicians

Training young musicians

Training young talent includes organising concerts and preparation for international competitions.
The programme is devised individually by the teacher and the student.
Young musicians in the process of becoming professionals are also invited to take part in the projects of master classes and concerts at partner institutions abroad.
In January 2024, the Conservatoire will also open a conducting class.

Partner institutions

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