The missions of the Rachmaninoff Conservatoire

A school, an arts centre and a music library

Music & dance

An international private music and dance school

Passing on the desire to develop artistic standards.

For 100 years, the Rachmaninoff Conservatoire has championed excellent teaching in the tradition of the Russian school.
An international dimension, a particular vision of management and exemplary values in teaching are the foundation of the institution's added value.

The Paris Rachmaninoff Conservatoire is distinguished by :

The school provides training or further training :  

In order to widen access to this teaching, in 2023 the Conservatoire will launch a scholarship scheme:


A venue for broadcasting

In keeping with its heritage, in 2021 the Conservatoire will reinvent the Salons Rachmaninoff, musical evenings performed by emerging and internationally acclaimed musicians in intimate formats conducive to the exchange of ideas. transmission and sharing. The aim of this programme is to nurture artistic links with all audiences, and to raise awareness of a rich and sensitive repertoire performed by a new generation of talented musicians.
Chamber music, piano recitals and opera concerts bring together ensembles and soloists of international renown to perform intimate pieces from a vast repertoire ranging from the baroque to the contemporary. After Michel Dalberto, Adam Laloum, Henri Demarquette, Christophe Morin, Vincent Alberola and the quartet Confluence in 2022, the 2023 programme presents Alexei Lubimov, Georges Lepauw, Christophe Morin, Pierre Fouchenneret, Violaine Despeyroux, David Saudubray, Concours E winnersnesco, Irina Lankova, Hee Younk Lim and Kei Saotome, Evelyn Berezovsky, Swetlana Meerman-Muret, François Veilhan Trio, but also winners of international competitions, such as Noah Kim, in partnership with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and young hopefuls such as Giorgi Krizhnenko, Julien Braidi and François Pineau Benois.


A music library

In 2021, the Rachmaninoff Conservatory will be restoring and enhancing its centuries-old heritage: the conservatoire's archives and music collections, dating back to its foundation in 1923

In 2023, the Conservatoire plans to inaugurate its music library, showcasing the very best of this musical heritage. monumental collection of scores  These include 4,750 piano scores, 305 symphonic scores, 1,843 chamber music scores, 6,468 vocal music scores, 390 choral scores, 811 opera and ballet scores, 431 method scores, 546 collections and 637 variety music scores. 2200 manuscripts are also listed. There are also 442 books on literature, 584 on music and dance, 169 on art and travel, 31 children's books and 395 phonographic editions.

This heritage will be made available to pupils, students, teachers, artists and musicologists in a freely accessible library within the Conservatoire, due to open at the end of 2023.

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