The other programme

The creative and innovative scene of the Conservatoire's concert teachers

Teaching music is taught by excellent musicians, most of them trained in the Russian school, whatever their nationality. They are also outstanding concert performers. Throughout the year, the Conservatoire's teaching artists take to the stage to present original, innovative concerts and musical encounters and demanding both in terms of interpretation and repertoire

artistic collaborations

Collaborations with former students who have become concertisTES

On 26 March, the Rachmaninoff Conservatoire gave the pianist George Lepauwwho began his apprenticeship at the Rachmaninoff Conservatory at the age of three, a carte blanche for a concert Tribute to Beethoven to mark the 196ᵉ anniversary of the artist's death.

Artistic collaborations with international institutions

On 26 March, a concert co-produced with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was organised to host the recital by the winner of the CSO Young Pianists Competition, in partnership with the Chicago Twin Cities Association, Chicago Sisters Cities.

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