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Yulia Orlova

Yulia Orlova

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Yulia Orlova holds three International Masters degrees in piano: from the Moscow Academy (Russia), the Brescia Conservatory (Italy) and the University of Arkansas (USA). A prizewinner in several international competitions in Russia and Italy, Yulia Orlova has been teaching piano and piano accompaniment for 17 years. This has not prevented her from pursuing her concert career.


Kei Saotome

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian, Japanese, Italian or English
Born in Tokyo and raised in Abu Dhabi, she was 8 years old when she met Olivier Messiaen and his wife Yvonne Loriod, a world-renowned pianist. The composer insisted that she come to France to undertake serious piano studies with the great lady. She remained close to them and received invaluable advice until the composer's death in 1991. At the same time, her education was supported by the teaching of Patricia Thomas, heir to the Yvonne Lefébure school. At the Paris Conservatoire (CNSMP), Michel Béroff taught her to perfect her skills, and she was awarded a First Prize in Piano at the age of 18, as well as a First Prize in Chamber Music. In the 1990s, she benefited from the teaching of Russian masters such as Lev Naumov, Vitaly Margulis and Igor Lazko, as well as the Hungarian master György Sebök. In 1994 she won the 1st Clara Schumann International Piano Competition in Düsseldorf and the Robert Schumann International Competition in Zwickau in 1996. In the same year she was awarded the prize for best interpretation at the Virtuoses of Year 2000 International Music Festival for her concert at the St Petersburg Philharmonic. Kei Saotomé also teaches at the CRR in Versailles.

Karine Petrossian

Karine Petrossian

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian, Armenian or English
Karine Petrosyan graduated from the Armenian Conservatory in Vanadzor in piano and music theory. She was also awarded the Diplôme d'Honneur by the Crimean Ministry of Culture and the Diplôme d'Honneur by the Paris Rachmaninoff Russian Conservatoire, with First Class Honours and Jury Congratulations. She is a member of the Ukrainian Musicians' Union and the Crimean Composers' Association.


Nathalia Romanenko

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Nathalia Romanenko began her piano career in Ukraine at the age of five, at a music school for gifted children. Her career took her to Italy, the United States, Macau and France, where she won several international competitions. In 1999, when she made her Paris debut, she was taught by Olivier Gardon, Jacques Rouvier and Ariane Jacob, and was awarded first prize at the Paris Conservatoire in 2001. As a concert performer, she has played at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice with Yuri Bashmet and in the legendary Tchaikovsky Hall at the Moscow Conservatoire, among other venues. Her collaboration with Mstislav Rostropovitch led to the creation of the Extraordinaria Classica Association to promote little-known or forgotten composers and innovative ensembles, which is so close to her heart. Currently a piano teacher at the Maitrise of the CRR de Paris and at the Serge Rachmaninov Conservatoire, his teaching is characterised by the sensory method: a tailor-made method based on personal research and the needs of each individual, drawing on inner listening, the development of the ear and bodily sensations, in stages according to the individual's rhythm. Nathalia Romanenko's teaching focuses on the origins of stage fright and concentrates on achieving balance.


Sarina Ghuda

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian, Albanian or English
Sarina Gudha graduated from the CRR de Rueil-Malmaison with a first prize in the higher cycle of piano in Bernard Ringeissen's class and in the chamber music cycle. For the past 15 years, she has been teaching and preparing students for national conservatoire entrance examinations and various international competitions. Sarina was also Mélisande Chauveau's assistant at the Conservatoire Municipal du 6° arrondissement in Paris. She mainly uses the Heinrich Neuhaus method to guide her students with passion and rigour. She believes that the beauty of interpretation lies in the simplicity, naturalness and depth of sound.

Olga Karnokova

Olga Karnaukhova

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Olga Karnaukhova studied at the Higher National Conservatory in Lviv and the Kyiv National Conservatory. She went on to perfect her vocal accompaniment skills at the Moscow, Odessa and Leipzig Conservatoires. On her arrival in France in 1995, she obtained a doctorate in musicology from the Sorbonne. She holds the Diplôme d'Etat and has been teaching at the Conservatoire Russe de Paris Rachmaninoff since 2010. Olga Karnaukhova considers it her personal duty to pass on her knowledge and passion for music to motivated students.

Polina Guery

Paulina Guery

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Paulina Guery is a concert pianist and piano teacher. She is a graduate of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, the Conservatoire Régional de Paris, and the École Normale Supérieure de Musique de Paris (in Bruno Rigutto's class). She also holds a Master's degree in musicology and fortepiano, and has completed a Master's in choral conducting. She accompanies her students with commitment, gentleness and perfectionism, with the aim of passing on her passion for music, mastery of playing and expressive and creative emancipation. She draws on her training in Montessori pedagogy and caring acquired as head of a bilingual Montessori nursery and primary school with special timetables for the arts, theatre, music and dance.


Natalia Khutova

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Originally from Belarus, Natalia Kuhtova began playing the piano at the age of 5 and continued her studies at the State Academy of Music in the class of L. Olovnikov, the great Belarusian pianist and composer, then in France at the Rachmaninoff Conservatoire with Elena Golikova Kroon. A qualified piano teacher, accompanist and concert performer, she adapts to each pupil while retaining the principles of the Russian method, which develops musical sensitivity, listening skills and a broad general knowledge. With patience and rigour, she passes on her passion for the piano to help her pupils discover the magical world of music.

Alina Pavalache

Alina Pavalache

Piano - Lessons in French, Romanian or English
Alina Pavalache has been teaching piano at the Rachmaninoff Conservatoire in Paris since 1990. In 2021, she opened a Voice Studies class devoted to opera singers, perfecting declamation for actors and public speaking. A Franco-Romanian artist and teacher, Alina Pavalache holds a doctorate in music performance. In 2022, she defended her doctoral thesis at the "George Enescu" National University in Lasi (Romania) on the cross-disciplinary subject: "Le Corps humain instrument de l'expression vocale, le Piano qui chante", awarded Summa cum laude. Born into a family of great Romanian musicians, she studied music with masters trained at the Moscow and Paris Conservatoires. Alina Pavalache made her debut as a concert soloist with the Lasi Philharmonic National Orchestra in 1979. For more than 10 years, she pursued a career as a concert artist, playing with the Romanian National Radio Orchestra and all the Romanian Philharmonic Orchestras, then in many foreign countries with a solo and chamber repertoire. In France, she specialised at the École Normale de Musique. Her vocation as a teacher is inspired by a passion for music, curiosity and, above all, the pleasure of learning and performing. For over 10 years, Alina Pavalache has also devoted herself to organising and directing cultural events such as the Georges Enesco International Singing Competition in Paris. In 2018, Alina Pavalache was awarded Romania's "Centenary 100 Prize", which recognises the 100 most important figures in the Romanian diaspora worldwide.


Marsa Todorovska

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Born in Macedonia, Marsa began playing the piano at the age of six and went on to study at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and the Cologne Conservatory. Today, she teaches to pass on her passion and knowledge, working on all aspects of practice, aiming for optimum mastery and a certain freedom in interpretation.


Julia Lototskaya-Kettani

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Julia's students range from beginners to teenagers who are asserting their individuality in the world of music, to experienced pianists who wish to improve and perfect their piano skills. Her 30 years of teaching experience not only covers piano students, but also people with communication and speech development difficulties (autism, stammering, mental retardation, etc.). Born into a family of musicians, she studied at the Russian Academy in Gnessine. During her final years at the conservatoire, she became aware of the need to acquire additional knowledge, particularly about the mechanisms of music perception. So she joined the Faculty of Psychology and obtained her degree. While continuing her concert and teaching activities at Moscow State University's Faculty of Music, she became a researcher at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Education. The results of this experiment have been published in various scientific journals and methodological manuals. Her programme of piano lessons is based on the tradition of the Russian classical piano school. Lessons are created individually for each student according to their age, level of training, personal characteristics and objectives. Over the last two years, some of her students have actively participated in international competitions, winning prestigious places.

Svetlana Kryvich

Svetlana Kryvych

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Svetlana Kryvych has been teaching piano for 45 years. Her musical journey began at the Conservatory in Lviv, Ukraine, and was later crowned with several prizes in national competitions. But her real passion turned out to be teaching. Her teaching method is inspired by classical traditions with a focus on technical development while respecting the unique personality of each learner. She also encourages autonomy by guiding her students along their own musical path.

Evgenia Tarasova

Evgenia Tarasova

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Evgenia Tarasova has been studying music since the age of three, notably at the Central School of Music in Kharkov. In 2001, she graduated from Orsk Musical College and entered the Odessa Conservatory. For many years, she worked with music schools in Ukraine, Italy and France. Her students regularly win international competitions. She has over 20 years' experience of teaching children (from the age of 5.5) and adults. Her approach to teaching is based on the great Russian traditions, with the aim of enabling everyone to express their individuality.

David Saunier

David Saunier

Piano - Lessons in French or English
David Saunier graduated from the Conservatoire du 12ème arrondissement in Paris, where he gave his first piano recital. It was at the Paris Rachmaninoff Conservatoire that he met Atty Lengyel, with whom he continued to perfect his skills. He also studied at the École nationale de musique de Lisieux and the Conservatoire régional de Caen. He broadened his training by studying harmony, composition and orchestration. Today, he divides his teaching between the École Intercommunale de Musique de Trouville-Deauville and the Conservatoire Russe de Paris Rachmaninoff. His teaching is aimed at students who wish to take a serious introduction to the art of the piano.

giorgi krizhnenko

Giorgi Grizhnenko

Piano - Lessons in French or English
Georgy Krizhnenko started out in Omsk with the teacher Galina Vasilievna Naskalova. At the age of 12, he joined the Moscow Central School of Music. From an early age, he won 12 international competitions. At the age of 16, he performed S. Rachmaninov's 2nd concerto under the baton of Alexandre Tchernychenko. His piano school is located between the renowned schools of G. Neuhaus and K. Igumnov, where I also worked with teachers such as Sergey Milshtein and Maria Gambaryan. He went on to study with Nelson Gerner at the École Supérieure de Musique de Genève, where he broadened his musical training. Between recitals and chamber music concerts, he became interested in jazz performance and composed for this repertoire as well as for film music using modern techniques. Teaching gives him the opportunity to share his knowledge and love of music with his students. In his teaching, he attaches great importance to the individual approach of each student, using techniques adapted to their personal projects.


Alexandre Krivitch

Piano - Lessons in French, Russian, Ukrainian, German or English
A graduate of the Kiev National Conservatory (Ukraine) and the École Normale Alfred Cortot (Paris, France), Alexandre Krivitch uses the method of the Russian school (Neuhaus, Feinberg, Merjanov, Leszetycki). With calmness and patience, he adapts his work to each student to develop their musical vision and passion for music.


Ienissei Ramic

Piano - Lessons in French, English, German, Latvian
Evgueni Liberman. Ienissei Ramic moved with his family from Serbia to France, where he enrolled at the Boulogne-Billancourt Conservatoire. At the age of 16, he was awarded 1st prize in the Bachelor's and Master's courses. At the same time, he was taught by Lilya Zilberstein and Menahem Pressler, who introduced him to the great tradition of early 20th-century pianists who made the piano 'sing'. In Paris, Ienissei Ramic performed at the Salle Gaveau as a soloist and with orchestra. He played at the Hôtel Drouot for the Paris premiere of Fanny Mendelssohn's Easter Sonata. Le Figaro Culture devoted its front page to the sale of the manuscript, describing Ienissei Ramic as a "virtuoso". "Ienissei Ramic succeeds in making us forget the various orchestrations to which the cycle has been subjected, restoring it to its original purity". On France Musique, Frédéric Lodéon remarked on his "virtuoso" playing and Benoît Duteurtre described him as a "brilliant pianist". Ienissei Ramic has been invited to perform in concert in many countries.


Antoine Bouvy

Piano - Lessons in French, English, German, Latvian
For over 20 years, Antoine Bouvy has divided his artistic activities between a passion for the stage and a love of teaching. After the intensity of a concert, what a pleasure it is to help others discover the subtleties hidden between the notes and to show them the way to master them! Trained in the traditions and cultures of several European countries, he began studying piano and harpsichord in Paris. Followed and advised by Czech pianist Radoslav Kvapil, he continued his postgraduate studies at the Riga Academy in Latvia. After completing his Masters in the classes of Teofils Bikis and Sergueï Osokin, he went on to perfect his skills with famous musicians such as Abdel Rahman El Bacha, Igor Lazko and Lazar Berman. His concerts have taken him all over Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States, performing alongside internationally renowned artists or as a soloist. Appointed artistic director of an international music festival in China, he organised and performed over a period of three years in more than twenty concerts. He has been invited to give master classes at Chinese and American universities and several European schools, and is often asked to sit on the jury of international competitions. Antoine Bouvy currently coordinates piano master classes in Latvia, which have the particularity of preparing young pianists to play with orchestras.


Celine Hara

Céline Hara

Violin - Lessons in French, Italian or English
Céline Hara began studying the violin at the age of six and the piano at 10. In addition to her studies in musical training, analysis and composition, she completed the Études Universitaires en Musicologie programme at La Sorbonne University. After obtaining a First Prize in chamber music and violin in Igor Volochine's class in Paris, she joined Pavel Vernikov's advanced violin class at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole (Florence, Italy). She has performed as a soloist with American and Italian orchestras, notably under the baton of Sir Eliot Gardiner. Before joining the Conservatoire Russe de Paris Rachmaninoff, Céline Hara taught at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, where she took the class of Petru L. Horvath, concertmaster of the Orchestra of the Maggio Musicale (Zubin Mehta).

François Pineau-Benois 1 Credit Laurent BugnetLighter

François Pineau Benois

Violin - Lessons in French, Russian or English
François Pineau-Benois graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris in violin and chamber music. He went on to perfect his skills at the École Normale de Musique Cortot in Paris with Régis Pasquier. François Pineau-Benois is a prizewinner in international competitions and grants, and performs regularly in concert halls and festivals, as a soloist with symphony and chamber orchestras in France, Russia and elsewhere in the world. The teaching methodology is based on an individual approach, joyful teaching of violin technique, development of musicality and interest in music, in close cooperation with parents. François Pineau Benois is the recipient of grants from the Fondation de la Banque Populaire (2017), Safran pour la musique (2017), "Culture Moves Europe" from the European Union (2023) and Adami (2023).

Alexandre Berlin

Alexandre Berlin

Violin - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Alexandre Berlin was born in Moscow, where he discovered the magic of the violin at the age of 3. At the age of 5, he joined the famous class of Alexandre Loukianenko in Odessa. He gave his first concert at the age of 10 and a few years later obtained his diploma as a performer and concert artist from the Sochi Conservatoire. He has performed with major orchestras such as the St Petersburg National Orchestra under maestro Alexandre Kantorow. He has been teaching in France since 2015. He seeks to find the best path for each student. He focuses on developing their musicality, maintaining their motivation, all while respecting the Russian musical method and the great traditions of the Russian violin school.


Julie Gros

Julie Gros

Cello - Lessons in French or English
Julie Gros is a graduate of the Conservatoire Régional de Rueil Malmaisons, where she was unanimously awarded 1st prize. She plays chamber music, regularly performs sonatas and takes part in a variety of projects, including Cosmojazz and the Chemin Faisant festival. Teaching her instrument is close to her heart, and above all passing on the pleasure of playing. Learning technical skills is always at the service of a musical desire.


Martin Alecian

Martin Alecian

Clarinet - Lessons in French or English
A CPES student at the crr in Rueil-Malmaison, he has been studying the clarinet for 11 years at various conservatoires and with different teachers, including Emmanuelle Leventoux, Louis-Vincent Bruère, Jean-Marc Fessard and, more recently, Claire Voisin. Following a classical French academic education, he discovered his passion for Klezmer music at the age of 14. Drawing much of his inspiration from the music of Giora Feidman and Yom, he formed his own group in 2021 and began composing. Later, like many others, he decided to share this passion and began teaching as a substitute before moving to the Rachmaninov Conservatoire. Several of his pupils have gone on to study at regional conservatoires or in special music classes.


Oksana Sydyagina

Oksana Sidyagina

Harp - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Oksana Sidyagina is a Russian harpist based in Paris. She joined the Rachmaninov Conservatoire in 2021 and became its first harp teacher. She is a graduate of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and the Ecole Normale de Musique Alfred Cortot in Paris. She has won five international harp competitions in Italy, France and Russia, and has been awarded numerous other prizes (in Russia, Ukraine and Greece). She has been invited to perform and give masterclasses at some of the most prestigious events in the harp world. She is also a regular guest at music festivals in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia and elsewhere. In addition to her solo career, she has extensive teaching experience: Oksana has been invited to conduct master classes in Italy, Spain, Poland, Croatia, and in many Russian cities.


Ilya Astapovich

Ilya Astapovich

Classical guitar - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Born in the Minsk region, Ilya Astapovitch is a graduate of the Belarusian National Academy of Music. Until 2020, he put his training as a guitarist, teacher and conductor of Russian folk instruments into practice in two complementary ways in Minsk: at a music school for children and at the State University of Culture and Arts for adults.


Nicolas Kedroff

Nicolas Kedroff

Balalaïka - Lessons in French, Russian or English
Born in Paris into a famous family of Russian emigrant artists, Nicolas Kedroff began learning to play the balalaika at the age of 12. A small triangular musical instrument with three strings, the balalaika is one of the symbols of Russia. Its character and fascinating playing express the melancholy and gaiety of the songs and dances of the Russian people. A lifelong passion, he studied with Micha Makarenko at the Serge Rachmaninov Conservatoire, then with Sergei Scheglovitov at the Gnessin College of Music in Moscow. He was the first foreign balalaikist in history to win a Russian competition. In addition to his teaching activities, he performs as a soloist or with several groups in concerts, at festivals, on radio or television and, of course, in Parisian Russian cabarets (Patrimonio, Lausanne and Nice guitar festivals, as well as Sozvezdie Masterov (Moscow), the Tchaikovsky (Moscow), Chopin-Pleyel and Gaveau (Paris) halls and the Palace Theatre (Albany, USA), etc.). He is a member of the jury (Russian National Balalaika Competition), has taken part in the recording of some forty albums and has appeared in films. Lessons are aimed at students aged 10 and over with a good grounding in music theory.


Olga Shishkina2

Olga Shishkina

Gusli - Courses in English, Russian and Finnish
The Gusli is Russia's oldest string instrument. Born in 1985 in Leningrad, Olga Shishkina is the winner of numerous international competitions and prizes. She graduated with honours from the Berklee College of Music - USA (2022), the St Petersburg Conservatory (2008) and the postgraduate course at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (2012). In addition to her classical training, she also has a background in jazz and improvisation. In recent years, Olga Shishkina has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the international music industry. the international music industry and has been a guest soloist on soundtracks for television series and video games. She gives concerts both as a soloist both as a soloist and as part of various festival projects, in the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Finland, Estonia and other countries. Olga Shishkina has collaborated with ensembles such as the Mariinsky Symphony Orchestra Mariinsky Symphony Orchestra, the Lapland Chamber Orchestra, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and others. She has also taught at the Andreev School of Music in St Petersburg and the PopJazz Conservatory in Helsinki.



Olga Stankiewicz

Soprano - opera and variety singing - Classes in French, Russian, Polish or English
Olga Stankiewicz is an opera singer and teacher of contemporary and opera singing. and opera singing. She is also an EFP-certified specialist in the in the scientific voice development method Estill Voice Training (EVT), a member of the World Association of the Voice DIVAin and the International Association of Teachers of Singing IATS. Olga was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she studied opera singing at the vocal department at the Mikhail Glinka College of Music. In 2016, she obtained her master's degree from the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan, Poland. She perfected her vocal technique with masters such as Teresa Zylis-Gara, Helena Zubanovich, Michelle Wegwart and Eva Blachova. Olga has taken part in concerts and productions in Poland, Belarus, Germany and France, under conductors such as Paavo Järvi, François-Xavier Roth, Mikko Franck, Andrés Orozco-Estrada and Christoph Eschenbach. In 2018, Olga moved to Paris, where she continues to pursue her artistic career by performing in concerts and collaborating with the Radio France choir. Since 2020, she has also been a teacher at the Conservatoire Rachmaninoff in Paris, where she teaches contemporary and classical singing to teenagers and adults.

charlotte bourdin

Charlotte Bourdin

Variety singing - Lessons in French or English
A singer/pianist/violinist with a degree from the American School of Modern Music and having studied at the Ecole Normale Alfred Cortot, Charlotte Bourdin offers piano/vocals lessons to teach you how to accompany yourself and perform songs from the repertoire of your choice. From arranging and performing to working on your own compositions, she will help you develop your style and your knowledge as a musician in your own right.

Alexandre Sabanov

Alexandre Sabanovs

Lyric & variety singing - Lessons in French, English and Russian Originally from Latvia, Aleksandrs Sabanovs studied piano and trombone before entering the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, where he obtained a diploma in musical theatre. He continued his singing career at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre then went on to perfect his skills at the Latvian National Opera with famous teachers such as Paolo de Napoli (Italy) and Axel Everaert (Belgium). He has taken part in numerous concerts and musical projects, while simultaneously simultaneously teaching academic singing and becoming involved in vocal production. He the role of Mr Vogelsang in W. A. Mozart's opera. In 2014, he moved to Barcelona, where - for 6 years - he gave private lessons in vocal and breathing techniques using the method of A. Strelnikova. He also takes part in concerts and musical projects. Since 2020, in Paris, he has been giving singing lessons for beginners and professional singers, while continuing to be involved in artistic projects and musical performances.


Mr and Mrs Dergai

Adult choir - Classes in French and Russian Bio being updated

Ensemble music

Boutillier stone

Pierre Boutillier

FM - Courses in French or English
Since completing his studies at the CNSMD in Paris, where he was awarded four first prizes in writing and orchestration, Pierre Boutillier has divided his time between conducting orchestras ("Lamoureux" orchestra, the "Musiciens du Louvre", Czech Philharmonic orchestras ("Lamoureux" orchestra, the "Musiciens du Louvre", the orchestras of the Czech Philharmonic Bulgarian radio), and teaching ensemble music at the conservatoires of the city of conservatoires of the City of Paris. In 2006, he was appointed musical director (arranger and conductor) of the conductor) of the musical "Le violon sur le toit" at the Casino de Paris. de Paris. Alongside these activities, he works as arranger-orchestrator on various television projects various television projects (Miss France ceremony, numerous cartoons and and television films for France 2, Canal + and M6), and as conductor on the recording of film soundtracks, as well as various concerts and recordings (Eric Serra at concerts and recordings (Eric Serra at the Olympia in 2009, 'Excalibur' at the Stade de France in 2011, Jane Birkin, etc.). He founded 'Cu2+' in 2012, a brass ensemble specialising in a PopRock and Metal repertoire, which he has directed and arranged since its inception.

Musical Training
& children's choir

Yulia Coric

Youlia Coric

FM - Courses in French and Russian
Originally from Saint Petersburg), Youlia CORIC was born into a family where music was omnipresent, with her mother a lyric singer with a warm mezzo-soprano voice. mezzo-soprano voice. At the age of 6, she joined the choral singing department at the music school. then went on to study music and teaching at the State College in Saint Petersburg, where she obtained a diploma as a music and singing teacher and music educator with the highest distinction. and music educator with honours. She then obtained a diploma as a choral singing teacher from the St Petersburg State Academy of Culture. She began teaching in 1992 as a choral singing and vocal technique teacher at the at the St Petersburg School of Music. At the same time, she was a member of several choirs (notably the "choirs (notably the Cameo Choir directed by teacher and composer Victor VOLNA). and festivals. Youlia CORIC moved to France in 1998. where she obtained two state diplomas: in choral conducting in choral conducting and musical training. Alongside her studies, she teaches piano musical training and choral singing. Youlia is passionate about translating and adapting vocal works from Russian into French and introducing students to masterpieces of Russian music. She also teaches musical training, choral singing and voice at the CRD in Issy-les-Moulineaux. For years, Youlia CORIC has been passing on her energy and passion for music and culture to her many students. and culture to her many pupils

Harmony & Music History


Adèle Aschehoug

Harmony & Music History - Courses in French or English
Adèle Aschehoug is a graduate of the Université Lumière Lyon 2 (degree in musicology and mediation) and from the Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse de Paris, where she won first prizes in harmony in harmony, Renaissance polyphony and musical analysis. analysis. While continuing to play the transverse flute and sing, and getting flute and singing, and is involved in music teaching. she is particularly interested in early music repertoires and contemporary as well as contemporary creation, as evidenced by her collaborations with the with the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles and the Maison de la the Maison de la Musique Contemporaine.

Computer-Assisted Music (CAM)

Emile Cooper Leplay

Emile Cooper LEPLAY

MAO - Courses in French or English
Emile Cooper LEPLAY is a multi-instrumentalist composer/ orchestrator/arranger. A finalist in the 2023 World Soundtrack Awards and winner of the 2019 Emergence competition, he is also the singer/guitarist with the alternative rock band LIQR. His meeting with director Brice Vincent led him to take a closer interest in music for film. Since 2013, Emile has continued to collaborate with a number of directors and has worked on over twenty film scores to date. Emile trained as a clarinettist at the Chartres Conservatoire, then at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Rueil-Malmaison, where he also studied contemporary music composition. He then studied with Jean-Michel Bernard to deepen his knowledge of film music composition and orchestration with Olivier Calmel. In 2020, he graduated from the CNSMDP after studying with Bruno Coulais and Marie-Jeanne Serero to perfect his film music skills. He has since composed music for short films such as SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE by Rezwan Shahriar Sumit, POUR UN ZESTE D'AMOUR by Hadrien Krasker & Mathieu Boukenhove broadcast on OCS, LUCIOLE by Lucie Pagès and SOLZ for which he worked with director Brice Vincent.


Anna Nikolaeva

Anna Nikolaeva

Classical dance - Classes in French, Russian or English
A graduate of the Igor Moiseyev Dance Academy in Moscow Dance in classical dance, folk dance, modern jazz and dance history, Anna Nikolaeva obtained her teaching diploma at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow in 2013. During her training and since her last diploma, she has accumulated stage and artistic experience around the world (Russia, India, Israel, Austria, Japan, etc.) with famous Russian companies (The New Ballet - Moscow Contemporary Ballet Theatre, The Black Square - Street and Circus Arts Theatre, the Dennis Boroditsky Company). She has danced solo roles in famous works (Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Don Quixote).

Anton Ivanov

Anton Ivanov

Ballroom dancing - Classes in French, Russian or English
Anton Ivanov has two post-graduate teaching qualifications in physical education and dance training. He worked for 10 years in one of Siberia's leading dance schools, taking his students to the top of the podium at Russian and international competitions. He likes to teach dance in such a way that it doesn't seem complicated. He has been a regional champion, a member of the city team, and a winner of the Siberian championship. In 2018, at the world Viennese waltz championship in Vienna, he and his student came second in the pro-em category. Now he wants to share his experience and knowledge in Paris.

Ologa Colomer

Olga Colomer

Classical dance - Classes in French, Russian or English
Olga Colomer is a graduate of the Vaganova Academy in St Petersburg, which she completed in 2017 in Tatiana Udalenkova's class. She then worked at the Leonid Yacobson Theatre until 2020. She has performed in some of the biggest theatres in Petersburg: Mariinski, Michailovski, Alexadrinski, Grand Théâtre Dramatique, and also in Moscow at the Nemirovich-Danchenko Theatre. Throughout her career, Olga has worked with famous teachers such as Jean-Guillaume Bart, Luc Massala, Alexandre Zaitsev, Pierre-François Dollé, Lioudmila Kovaleva, etc.). She also took part in a baroque dance workshop with the Cracovia Danza troupe in Krakow. She began giving dance lessons to young children while still a student. She has also prepared young girls for the Vaganova Academy entrance exams. .


Sofiia Gracieva

Ballroom dancing - Classes in French, Russian or English
A professional dancer for 13 years, she has been teaching ballroom dancing for 5 years. Sofiia Gracieva holds a Master's degree in Sports from the Russian Federation in Ballroom Dancing. Champion of St Petersburg in 2008 and multiple finalist in international tournaments, she simply loves her job. The dancers' training is based on the techniques of the Russian dance school and those of the leading English and Italian teachers. Classes are suitable for all ages and can be taken in group or individual lessons.

Elena Dmitrieva

Elena Dmitrieva

Classical dance - Classes in French, Russian or English
Elena Dmitrieva - prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre, film actress, choreographer and teacher. She began practising rhythmic gymnastics at an early age before taking up ballet. In 1981, she graduated from the Leningrad Choreographic School and was accepted into the troupe of the Kirov Theatre (now the Mariinsky Theatre). She worked at the Mariinsky Theatre until 1997. Solo dances and leading roles: Katerina in the ballet "The Stone Flower", Maria in "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai", Giselle in the play "Giselle", Princess Florina in "Sleeping Beauty", "Swan Lake", "La Bayadère", "Raymonda", etc. She has taught ballet classes for children in St Petersburg and worked as a teacher-tutor with soloists at the Mariinsky Theatre.

Maria Belyavtseva

Maria Belyavtseva

Classical dance - Classes in French, Russian or English
A graduate of the Moscow Professional School (under G. Ledyakh), she began teaching in France in extra-curricular workshops in elementary schools in Paris, then from 2022 at the Conservatoire d'Asnières. Her method is based on the traditions of both the Russian and French schools. His aim is to give pupils the technical foundations they need and the desire to progress according to their abilities.


Vitalia Galactionova

Modern dance - Classes in French, Russian or English
After graduating in teaching and choreography at university in Ukraine, she joined the folk dance group "Barvinok" and took part in several international festivals. Her passion for dance has led her to teach all styles to groups of children and teenagers aged between 3 and 15. Her approach to teaching is based on passing on her passion for dance and her confidence in herself and her body.

Academic drawing


School of Classical Drawing

Academic drawing - Courses in French, Russian or English - children & adults Academic drawing classes for children and adults are also given at the Conservatoire by an independent Drawing School. For further information, please contact http://www.dessinclassique.fr/dc/page-daccueil/


The great masters

Micel Dalberto

Michel Dalberto

Michel Dalberto is now one of France's most prominent pianists. His career has taken him to the four corners of the globe, and he is now one of the best-known French musicians in Asia. He has also been involved in the artistic direction of the Académie-Festival des Arcs and in chairing the jury of the Haskil Competition. He has taught at the Accademia Pianistica in Imola and at the Conservatoire de Paris, as well as giving masterclasses throughout the world. He began playing the piano at the age of three and a half. At the age of twelve, his meeting with Vlado Perlemuter was decisive, and he was admitted to his class at the Paris Conservatoire. He went on to win the 1st Mozart Competition in Salzburg, the Clara Haskil Prize in 1975 and 1st Prize in the Leeds International Competition in 1978. His career has taken him in front of the greatest orchestras, conducted by Wolfgang Sawallisch, Colin Davis, Charles Dutoit, Kurt Masur and Yuri Temirkanov. He has been invited to festivals such as Lucerne, Aix-en-Provence, Edinburgh, Vienna and Verbier. He has accompanied such great voices as Barbara Hendricks, Jessye Norman and Stephan Genz, and has been chamber music partner to Dmitri Sitkovetsky, Renaud Capuçon, Vadim Repin, Lynn Harrel, Michel Portal, Emmanuel Pahud and Henri Demarquette. He is particularly renowned for his interpretations of the music of Schubert, of whom he is the only living pianist to have recorded the entire piano oeuvre. Mozart, Liszt, Faure and Schumann are also among the composers he has performed regularly. He taught at the Paris Conservatoire from 2011 to 2022. From 2023, he will head the piano and chamber music department at the brand new Yehudi Menuhin School in Qingdao. He has also received invitations from various Chinese music schools to come and teach. The French government made him a Chevalier dans l'Ordre National du Mérite in 1996.

Alexandre Brussilovsky

Alexandre Brussilovsky

"Sacha Brussilovsky is a most admired collegue and an excellent musician and violinist ...". Lord Yehudi Menuhin. Born in Ukraine, Alexandre Brussilovsky completed all his musical studies at the Moscow Conservatoire with the masters Yuri Yankelevitch, Maya Glezarova and Felix Andrievsky. He won major international prizes, including the Prague Prize in 1969 and the Jacques Thibaud Competition in Paris in 1975. He moved to France in 1985. There he began a new career, dividing his time between concert halls and teaching. In addition to his activities as an international soloist, Alexandre Brussilovsky gives numerous master classes, notably at the Yehudi Menuhin School in England and the Longy School of Music in Boston. He has performed in the most prestigious concert halls (Carnegie Hall in New York, Salle Pleyel and Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris, Bolshoi Zal at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, South Bank Centre in London, etc.) with such great artists as Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Emmanuel Krivine, Kun Woo Paik and Neeme Jarvi. Since October 2000 he has been Principal Conductor of the Del Arte Chamber Orchestra (Neuburg, Germany). He is the founder of the Yuri Yankelevitch International Competition in Omsk, Russia, and artistic director of the Yuri Yankelevitch Chamber Orchestra.

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