Coaching d'Artistes" course, first session

First session of the Artistic Coaching course, Sunday 17 March at 4 p.m.

Jasmina Kulaglich

OBJECTIVES: Discover the scope of your artistic potential: work on inner confidence and external action on an artistic path. Become aware of any blockages and work on transforming them. Improving stage presence and broadening freedom of expression. Accompanying artists on their professional path and amateurs on their path to self-fulfilment.

CONTENT: Work is done in groups. Participants are invited to take an active part in exchanges and, if they wish, to give a short presentation of their art. A range of tools will be used to work with the body, emotions, mind and the creative dimension of being: the foundations of mindfulness in neuroscience, sophrology, creative visualisation, the techniques of focus, the "future self" and transurfing.

PUBLIC Open to artists of all ages from 18 upwards - professionals, students, freelance artists interested in opening up new dimensions in their creative careers.

Sessions last approximately 2h30-3h

Coaching career  In parallel with her career as a professional musician, Jasmina Kulaglich has been training since her teens in various humanist traditions that look inwards. In the West, she has worked extensively in psychoanalysis, and has trained in sophrology, creative visualisation, transactional analysis and transurfing. In the East, she has practised yoga from a very early age, and is interested in Zen, Taoism and the basic traditions of all civilisations, seeking out their common ground. She has been practising meditation since she was a teenager, and now naturally follows its various forms to expand human consciousness.

Today, the synthesis of all these influences has led her to turn towards a simple and direct search for "living in the present moment", where all changes are essentially based on an awareness of the creative power of life for each individual.

By combining her experience as a teacher over the last thirty years, her sustained work with young musicians, her own artistic career on stage and her inner journey, she is now able to offer artists guidance that has matured over many years, with the aim of helping all artists in their quest for greater freedom of expression and complete fulfilment.

Price: €80

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