Cycle Interprétation Part#3 by George Lepauw

Masterclass "Interpretation" by George Lepauw, Monday 17 June at 6 pm

Piano Masterclass with George Lepauw

Join Franco-American concert pianist George Lepauw for an exceptional masterclass, open to the public, and designed to give new perspectives to listeners and participants, who will learn to go beyond their technical constraints and explore the poetic depth of music. Through poetic analysis of the works studied, new perspectives on technique, and learning to dare to be creative and free in interpretation, you will discover how to tell your personal story through the music of the great composers while remaining faithful to the score. Don't miss this unique opportunity to transform your approach to music and plunge into its poetic essence. This immersive experience is aimed at pianists of all levels, from the passionate amateur to the professional seeking to perfect his or her skills.

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