Advanced courses for professional musicians

From 30 September 2024

Music education programme
30 hours of individual lessons led by assistants
10 hours of individual lessons led by the great masters
12 hours of group studio lessons with the great masters
12 hours of Master Classes with internationally renowned pianists from the Artistic Committee
30 h of chamber music
12 h of conducting
34 h harmony lessons
12 h Fedenkrais workshops posture management for instrumentalists
Concert programme
Preamble to all concerts given at the Conservatoire
Participation in music festival concerts and other events
Professional recording and auditioning
Recording of a public concert in the Seine Musicale recording studios in front of a professional audience.
Internship with a professional orchestra
Coaching and career management training

Digital communication and media
Image and brand awareness management
Legal and social status of musicians,
Unlimited access to rehearsal studios and concerts in the programme

The great masters of the advanced course
Michel Dalberto, Mikaïl Rudy, Alexei Lubimov, Alexandre Brussilovsky,

Their assistants
Yulia Orlova, Hugo Martin, Alexandre Karpeev, Nikita Budnetski, François Pineau Benois, Julie Gros.

The professional artists involved
Chamber music with Gabriel Le Magadure, violinist with the Quatuor Ebene
Conducting with the conductor of the ensemble A Passionato, Mathieu Herzog

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